About ResponderGateway.net

ResponderGateway.net makes it easy to find exactly what’s going on in the world of the emergency responder. One Place. One Stop. One Source. This site is a great resource for anyone who wants to stay up to date about various subjects within the first responder industry and doesn‘t have time to waste.

Why ResponderGateway.net Should Matter To You
  1. Saves tons of time. Direct to the point, visit, and find what you need, get back to work.
  2. Provides the ability to stay updated on a specific topic at all times.
  3. Creates a trusted information source that can be relied upon without advertiser influence.
  4. Enables the ongoing discovery and tracking of new sources for equipment, trends and
    regulatory issues.
  5. ResponderGateway.net is considered a “trusted research” site that builds relationship
    with its visitors based on professionalism and credibility, not on information overload
    or meaningless noise for the sake of quantity vs. quality. Its hallmark is its integrity and
    ability to provide true value for every visitor to the site.
Why ResponderGateway.net Is Important

The internet is a really useful resource, however the problem is there is often too much information. Staying up to date and sifting through it all can be very difficult. ResponderGateway.net makes this really easy; we have brought together some very impressive first responder news publications, suppliers/consultants, videos, job openings, and a class & speaker locator. News and events happen continually, so our site is updated continuously. We hope you come back often and make it your first stop whenever you need information, news or reference materials. Think of ResponderGateway.net as your One Place, One Stop, One Source. Sort of like a search engine; however it makes it easy to find specific information without battling through a bunch of stuff that you don’t have time for, don’t want and in
many cases didn’t need. ResponderGateway.net has been designed in a simple navigation and professional style. Major areas of the site include:

  • Live News and & Events: All of the latest news stories from leading news sources that
    are continually updated.
  • Real Time Blogs: From writers, who have something to say, encourage dialogue and
    opposing opinions (as opposed to those who are availing their opinions in the hopes of
    you buying their product).
  • Suppliers/Consultant Place: Direct to the point directory of the leaders in their fields.
  • Videos That Matter: Bringing the best of informational content that is meaningful that
    will help you do your job better. (Sorry Justin Berber, you didn’t make it on our site, and
    neither did the latest viral cat video)
  • Jobs Board for the responder community.
  • Find a Class / Find a Speaker: One place to look for and find what you need.
Why I Created ResponderGateway.net

Frankly, this site was designed out of frustration. Allow me to explain.

There are literally hundreds of millions of new pieces of content published to the web each day
— articles, reviews, blog posts, videos, and the largest scourge of all banner ads and pop-ups.
After one especially difficult and frustrating day I needed to find what I considered to be a very simple piece of information. After visiting five different sites and wading through a large amount of unneeded – and worst – unwanted information I gave up. Enough!

I was drowning, and I’m guessing that I am not the only one, in the deluge of content. To be kind, I would place my experience in the category of “noise overload” to be more direct, let’s just call it “internet information spam.” Whatever you would like to call it, we’re simply surrounded by too many ads, too many websites, too many feeds, just plain TOO MUCH.

If you are like me; trying to do the best job you can, staying current in an ever-changing world, you probably find that all of that noise can be deafening – drowning out the stuff you need to know to do your job. This is my rant and this is why I created ResponderGateway.net.

About My Business Background:

In 1994, a business friend called from Alaska. He said that Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was considering building an Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) training center in the state. In order to qualify for funding the FAA needed a business plan, essentially for the sole purpose of determining the cost, logistics and feasibility of building a world class training center outside the lower 48. I had always been good with numbers and enjoyed challenges of dreaming and planning something that many thought was a little crazy. Of course I said YES and jumped
at the opportunity to visit Alaska to help turn their “Vision into Reality.”

After some very hard work, great fun, and the incredible experiences that Alaska brings (Ever land at the Sitka Airport, or have moose outside you hotel door?) the business plan I wrote helped Alaska attain 15 million dollars. Shortly after Kenai I got a call from Clatsop Community College in Oregon. Hearing of our success in Kenai the college asked me to help with their business plan to bring a Maritime Firefighting Training Center to their campus in Astoria. Once again the project was awarded nearly 4 million dollars to build the firefighter element of the MERTS center.

Now over twenty years later I am proud that I am still working hard, having fun and enjoying some incredible experiences with many hard working, very brave, and astonishing professional first responders.

If you have known me as a friend or colleague or if I have had the honor of working with your department you have heard me say this more than once: “I am NOT brave enough to be a firefighter, policeman or responder of any kind.” My respect for the job you do confounds me every day. However, for over 20 years, I have seen the dedication, love and pride that go into a job that is equal to none. I am an excellent “numbers guy” and a good writer. My greatest contribution has been to bring my strengths to the first responder community by way of strategic planning, budgeting expertise and, most important to me, a high level of integrity and uncompromised honesty.

ResponderGatway.net will be the source for meaningful information presented in a professional, uncluttered manner where information can be found, used and depended upon.


Bill Booth is the President and Founder of Interact Business Group, a national leader in strategic business planning for the public safety industry. Bill is also the founding publisher and curator of ResponderGateway.net. Bill lives with his wife and best friend Carole in Northern San Diego County, California. Carole is the family “Farm Boss” where she works harder than Bill does on the family farm growing Protea flowers. Bill enjoys early morning master swim workouts and college football (Go Irish) on the weekends with his 29 year old son Tyler.